DEED - Development & Design Workshop

There’s a time when conflicts between designers and developers come to life. It is usually when the *Design process* ends and the *Development process* starts.

In this workshop we will explore co-design techniques that will allow Developers and Designers to share visions, insights and ideas since the very beginning of the Design Process where Development is included as a founding ingredient. 



* putting every stakeholder on the same page;

* sharing User Research insights also in a Dev-flavored lens;

* sharing Design ideas;

* check for technical sustainability;

* evaluate and map complexity of each solution.


October 1, from 9:00 to 17:00 via Santa Maria Valle 3 Regus, Milano




Imke Baehr Carlo Frinolli

Carlo Frinolli

Head of Design, CEO and Founder at nois3, he works, teaches and lives in Rome - not necessarily in this order. He likes to do stuff and experiment with them both in the daily job and life.

He leads nois3, founded in 2013 together with 4 partners, after a couple of other Design firms. He feeds himself with Human Centered Design and Co-Design, and he learns these by applying it, teaching and practicing it anytime he can.

Imke Baehr

Imke is Design Researcher and co-founder at nois3.

She leads field research projects in Germany, United Kingdom and Italy and she coordinates the team. She is responsible of taking care of all projects’ stakeholders needs, being them internal or external. She also makes up funny words in Italian.