Measuring the user experience and the product value

Retrospective and predictive metrics and tools to support Product Owners, Designers and Devs to increase the value to be delivered.

Generally, the value of a product is represented by the balance between business outcomes and users’ needs. But how is this value actually measured? How is the user satisfaction measured? How can Product Owners, Designers and Developers validate their hypotheses regarding the product strategy? How can the team members agree that for each user story moved to “done” the next one moved to “doing” will increase the quality of the product and therefore the user satisfaction?

In this talk, we’ll show how measuring the User Experience can help the team in finding the right answers to these questions.



Ilaria Mauric and Giovanni Puliti

Ilaria Mauric

Ilaria is partner and Head of Design at Tangible, she works together with development and strategic teams to evolve digital products or services, in a sustainable and measurable way. 


Giovanni Puliti

Giovanni has been working as an IT consultant for over 20 years. Together with other colleagues, in 1996 he founded MokaByte, the first Italian web magazine dedicated to Java. Since then, he has published many articles on web technologies, project management, and Agile.