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On October 1 and 2 we will share the processes and methodologies behind highly-usable technological products designed to make a positive impact on the world.

The complete Schedule will be live on June 15th, in the meantime have a look at our fantastic -yet partial- lineup!

Workshop, October 1

9:00 - 9:30

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Registration and Breakfast

9:30 - 17:00

Eva Lotta Lamm

Capture and visualise concepts quickly and engagingly

Eva-Lotta Lamm, User Experience Designer, illustrator and visual thinker

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9:30 - 17:00

Imke Baehr Carlo Frinolli

Explore co-design techniques that will allow Developers and Designers to share visions, insights and ideas.

Imke Baehr, Design Researcher and co-founder at nois3

Carlo Frinolli, Head of Design, CEO and Founder at nois3

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9:30 - 13:30

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty

Create your first Amazon Alexa skill without coding 

This workshop will consist of ideation, storyboarding and prototyping VUI using tools like Storyline & VoiceX. 

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is an IT Consultant at bitgrip Gmbh and founder of Berlin Lean Prototyping

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14:30 - 18:30

Marco Tagliavacche

How design thinking & structured playful methods can help companies and business to get over critical decisions and choose the right path to succeed in building products that people loves

Marco Tagliavacche, Francesco Acerbi and Francesco Casale, Architecta

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9:30 - 17:00

Federica Pecoraro e Matteo Botto

Learn how Design Sprints can help your team create the right digital product​ and align stakeholders with different opinion​ and needs.

Federica Pecoraro, Head of UX and Matteo Botto Creative Director at Fightbean

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9:30 - 17:00

Andrea Mangano and Fabio Nucatolo

How designer and developers can build a design system as a team, from analysis to delivery

Andrea Mangano, Web Developer and Fabio Nucatolo UX Designer at ibuildings

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Conference, October 2

9:00 - 9:30

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Registration and breakfast

Registration and Breakfast

Via Watt 10, Milan


Eva-Lotta photo

Sketching as a rapid tool for better thinking and collaboration

Eva-Lotta Lamm, User Experience Designer, illustrator and visual thinker



Thomas Küber

He will share his experiences and conclusions about what it takes to engage in hard tasks, to design for the billions, for life-critical systems and with a pace that sometimes can be overwhelming.

Thomas Kueber, Digital Design Director at Designit, Germany


Mathieu Dutour

The future of design tooling and process

Developers and Designers are two faces of a same coin and are a lot more alike that one might think at first. Let's see how designers can become design engineers through tools and processes.

Mathieu Dutour, Software Engineer at Sketch, Bohemian Coding



Rachel Ilan Simpson

What you can learn from emerging markets

Rachel Ilan Simpson, Senior UX Designer at Google Chrome


Anil Kumar Krishnashetty

Anil will share why voice first/conversational UI gives engaging and great user experience. How to create voice first design and rapid user testing using prototyping tools. 

Anil Kumar Krishnashetty is an IT Consultant at bitgrip Gmbh and founder of Berlin Lean Prototyping


Federico Badaloni

Seeking a sustainable digital transformation

Most pre-digital age brands are still stuck into the Waterfall model, a new approach is yet unavoidable.

Federico will share with us some lessons and insights from the frontline.

Federico Badaloni, Design team lead at GEDI's Digital Division




Marco Cedaro

Not a recipe for success, more of a way to frame the problemidentify some coding strategies we tried and rediscuss the way we approach componentisation..

Marco Cedaro, Lead Engineer at Crowdcube



Sara Michelazzo - Alberto Forni

This talk is for designers, developers, product owners and anyone committed to encouraging collaboration. Sara and Alberto will share insights on how to align teams on shared goals, embrace the appropriate rituals, follow best practices and pick the right tools.

Sara Michelazzo, UX Lead at Thoughtworks and Alberto Forni, UI Developer at Balsamiq



Dave King

How to ensure your digital transformation survives engagement with people.

Dave will share XPLANE’s tools and techniques for driving the people-side of organizational change and digital transformation. 

Dave King, Visual & Design Thinking Strategist at Xplane




Rebecca Hill

Rebecca will share the story of Stylabilla, the design system created at Usabilla, an international feedback solutions company and explain to you why she thinks it worked, and why developers, designers and product owners have embraced it across the company.

Rebecca Hill, Frontend Developer at Usabilla




Matteo Cavucci

For product people, managers and designers who struggle with organizing the design process at scale, this talk will suggest a different way to think and structure the work.

Matteo Cavucci, Agile UX consultant and a design thinking practitioner


to be announced


Sonja Rattay

From a design and development perspective, this talk discusses a mindful shift from focusing on the singular user experience to a community driven experience and making connecting people a fundamental affordance in our user flows rather than an after thought. 

Sonja Rattay, UX Director at Blockzero




Marco Calzolari

Every team is a living environment.

The purpose of a team lives and evolves in the interactions among individual experiences of being "in the team". 

But what can we designers do about designing such an experience?

Marco Calzolari, entrepreneur, conversation designer, organization philosopher founder of Agile Reloaded


Gabriele Gambotto

to be announced

Gabriele Gambotto, CTO at Leva Engineering

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