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October 1, from 14:30 to 18:30 via Santa Maria Valle 3 Regus, Milano



Marco Tagliavacche

Marco Tagliavacche Linkedin

Marco Tagliavacche is an Information Architect and a User Experience Designer with strong competency in Testing/QA. 
His passion for communications has led him to information as data and of the actualization of users through various media.

The users are at the center of his thoughts and work. He enjoys creating physical mock-ups as well as dynamic prototypes to give life to various scenarios and use cases, all while concentrating on the underlying business goals of the project.

He does not considers user testing as a cost, but as a necessity in order to create a product that addresses the needs of the users and of the business.

He is using Design Thinking principles and Lean UX approach to realize usable, desirable and functional's products. 

He is president of Architecta, The Italian society for information architecture, team leader and information architect at Siemens.

Francesco Casale

Francesco Casale Linkedin

Francesco Casale has more than 14 years of experience in IA Research, UX design and User-centred Design for agencies in Italy and in the UK.

He is a passionate leader, he loves understanding user needs, asking questions, conducting user research and in depth UX audit, starting from paper to interactive prototypes through to mockups. He also loves to do high fidelity wireframing, using Axure or even paper, Moleskine or his beloved Fabriano blocks.

He design web interfaces and complex data dashboards, he leads the design team at Intesys, sharing knowledge in an agile way.

He admires minimalism and the beauty of interactions and he is constantly seeking new references and ideas with simplicity and elegance.

In addition, he is a member of the local UX book club in Verona and an active volunteer within the Italian Information Architecture Summit, and a board member of Architecta (The Italian Information Architecture Association).

In his spare time he loves designing furniture, has an obsession for watches (Omega is my favourite brand) and stylish clothing. He is a geek when it comes to Star Wars and Lego. Indie and electro music are constantly in his daily playlist.

He is also a happy father of Two! 

Francesco Acerbi

Francesco Acerbi Linkedin

Visual Designer at Kina Studio and ui designer for Shake my Brand project, where together with other professionals, integrates qualitative, qualitative data analysis and design with the aim to help companies be more competitive in the digital environment and in marketing.

From Vicenza, in his free time likes to talk about coffee and design.